Meat alternative options
that consumers crave

Mouthwatering taste, texture and appearance

Compromise no more. Our food technology platforms enable plant-based and animal-free options that create the rich meaty taste, appearance and texture that consumers crave. Meat alternatives are now as delicious as their animal counterparts.


The real umami flavors, appearance and aromas of meat – without the animal. We’ve unlocked a step-change in what’s possible in meat alternatives.


Rich umami flavor and mouthwatering aromas that engage the senses. It tastes and smells like meat because it uses the same naturally occurring heme protein.


Mouth-watering aromas that engage the senses – while cooked and right before you take your first bite.


Through precision fermentation, we're able to make hemami without the animal. It’s a revolution in food production with benefits for people, animals and the planet.


We literally recreated the texture of animal muscle – with plants. That means plant-based meat with the springy, juicy chewdown that consumers crave.


Feeling is believing. Experience real meaty texture and springy mouthfeel in every bite.


Moisture is an essential experience when it comes to meat and texture. PBCT holds and expresses the juicy properties of meat.


Through our understanding of what makes food crave-worthy, we made plant-based ingredients behave like the texture of animal muscle.

LINEVersatile across a range of applications

Rewriting Food Design Rules

We’re able to solve for craveable attributes in meat alternatives due to our unique approach. We unravel food's secrets by exploring how individual ingredients work together, focusing on important sensory experiences that drive consumer enjoyment.

Consumer Reactions

Our ingredients are not made in a vacuum. We understand what consumers crave in meat alternatives because we talk to them all the time. It’s an essential step in developing better products for our customers. And thanks to our culinary and applications expertise, we’ve tested our heme and PBCT technologies in a demo burger to see how consumers responded.

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